Lil Angel’s traditional wear :)

Lil Angel's traditional wear :)


Nanna’s first purchase for me in baby shop ;)

The most awaited time has finally come!!! Done BABY SHOPPING today 😉 😉
I couldn’t bust through the doors of the mall fast enough!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
It was as amazing as I always thought it would be!!!!!

It was really a special feeling to shop for your baby for the first time…
My first purchase in baby shop ;)


My first pic ;)

It is 2nd October’ 2011
Everyone is Tensed/Excited/Happy/Worried mixture of emotions surrounded near the operation theatre.
Myself and Swetha have decided long back that if it was boy his name would be Chanti (Chanti Babu-My father-in-law’s name) and If it was a girl her name would be Krishna (Krishna Veni-my grand mother’s name). We are not sure who will come at that time.
Swetha is taken inside at 8:45 AM. And I am like walking here and there and praying to all possible Gods, Forefathers everyone who came up in my mind. At 9:15 the nurse came outside and informed it is a Baby Girl and she was born at 09:09 AM. Both Mother and Child are fine :). Heavy sigh of relief on all the faces.

Welcome Krishnamma!!!!
Minutes later, nurse came out with Baby to show to us. I just touched her cheeks and believe me it is wonderful feeling. Later baby was handed over to her great grand mother (Jejemma). This is one moment when nothing else was in my mind and all I was thinking was about my daughter! I went close to her, she was trying to open her eyes. I touched her fingers and she grabbed my finger and was never leaving it. Then I got to take her in my laps. Tears/Joy/Tension what not!!! I could experience many emotions in one single moment. Swetha was brought in later-she was still in anesthecia. Finally ALL IZ WELL!!!

First pic!!