having fun during tub bath

having fun during tab bath


My Annaprasana


Ussually, in south india we go for annapraasana (introduction to solids) during even months for boy babies and odd months for girl babies, (or) in 6th month 6th day. I thought 6th month 6th day is too early for the kid to crawl/think to pick any item.
So we have decided to go by the months logic and chosen 9th month for Nithya.
Jun14th 7:19 is the muhurath and i have chosen SImhachalam temple as the venue.

The ceremony includes placing of a few things infront of the baby to see what she holds first time. This is followed by pooja by Purohith.
The items we have placed are:
1. Book.
2. Pen.
3. food items.
4. Gold.
5. Money.
6. Knife.
7. fruits.
8. Parvannam (Kheer).

Nithya picked items in following order:
1. Gold
2. Money
3. Paravannam (Kheer)
4. Pen
5. Food items.