About Krishna & Rukku

This blog is dedicated to our angels, Nithya Krishna & Keerthika Rukmini. We tried to capture most of the cute moments we spent with them.

Nithya Rukku
Birth 2nd October’2011 @ 9:09 am at Kakinada, India 27th August’2016 @ 7:58 am at Singapore
Naming Ceremony 19th Dec’2011 at Addu Road, Visakhapatnam, India 16th Sep’2016 at Singapore
Full Name as per Family tradition Naga Venkata Surya Chandra Satya Sai Nithya Krishna Naga Venkata Surya Chandra Durga Gana Satya Sai Keerthika Rukmini
Official Name  Mudragada Nithya Krishna Mudragada Keerthika Rukmini
Schooling Started schooling with Tots house in Singapore in 2nd Jan 2014.
Later moved to Sathya Sai Kindergarten, Singapore into Nursery on 2nd Jan 2015
Long time to go
Nick Name(s) Chilli Padi (at school); Ani Papa Rukku

Fortunately we were able to capture certain first time moments like Rolling over First time, Crawling First time, Standing, First Day in school, First Drawing etc., You can find them among the posts.

Nithya’s Dictionary:

Niya (Nithya) I-shooom (Ice cream) Ahaa (Cake)
Fufu (French Fries/Noodles) Kibikki (anything to eat other than previous 4 items) Ka (Milk/Car)
Chai (Keys) Ando (Hello/Phone) Geee/Tain (Train)
Naa (Come) Chee (Tea/Cool drinks) Kapikka (Roasted Chestnuts)
Soofu (Soup) Goan/Gonata (Mehndi) Dess (Dress)
Auto(Water/Water melon/Beach) Keethi (Keerthi) Anni (Brother)
Kachi (Bite) Sho (Slow) Kaam(Chilly)
A-Shee (AC) Aakko (Play) Geen (Green)
Cha-ji (Charging) Shool (School) Appy (Apple)
Oo-Gee (Orange) Shashi (Laasya) Nuyi (Storey)
Doh (Mosquitos) Gudyte (Good Night) Jo (Slippers/Shoes)
Go(Umbrella) Choo (Ear Rings) Aa-Pee-Tee (Banana)
Oshum (Rain) Pas (Purse) Boyi (Brownie)
Off (Office) Apeyy (Finish) Gass (Glass)
Aaty (Aunty) Pace (Present) Dash(Dance)
Beebi (Grand-Ma) Amman(Grand-Ma) Gee-Fight(Flight)

Keep looking to this website for all the updates related to Nithya and Rukku 🙂





Our beloved Angels




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