Nithya, Rukku

Same month, same place, same dress, same occasion


Nithya’s Aksharabhyasam

Nithya’s Akshrabhyasam event happened on 20th December 2013 at Basara. This is the event where children are introduced to their writing skills especially they are familiarized with their mother tongue (telugu). Nithya was good enough to write something or other by her own prior to this event but we never used to make her write till this event. We have chosen to conduct this event in the Saraswati temple, Basara which is a popular temple for such events.
We were quite excited with the event and to make it memorable, we got a silver slate prepared for this event which we would like to add to our memorabilia.
There are couple of options in temple for the event. One is to conduct pooja infront of idol and other in a hall among group of people. We opted for the first one. Temple seems to have become quite commercial these days and the pujari’s are in a hurry to finish the things as soon as possible. And as expected, event hardly lasted for 10-15 minutes. It would be good if we can carry the items from home instead of buying near the temple. All we need is Rice, Slate, pasupu-kunkuma, flowers, fruits, camphor for Aarthi, any books/slates to distribute to children.
After pooja is done, children are made to sit in the laps of father/maternal uncle and they make them write “Om Namah Sivaya Siddam Namah”. However Pujari is doing that job here and our challange is to make Nithya sit in his laps and write. But she was reluctant to sit in his laps. In the end pujari had to forcibly make her sit in his laps and made her to write “Om Namah Sivaya”. But his ears might have been ringing for sometime then. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
IMG_39742407570519 IMG_39745458942471
We spent sometime relaxing her a bit and made her write again.

Later Nithya distributed some books&pencils to children in the temple.IMG_39748670741251
Nithya is now all ready to WRITE πŸ˜‰