Beautiful CANOPI-Bintan trip

Most awaited trip for us; Mom’s birthday; Rukku’s 2nd international trip; stay in tents; and the beach; covered roadway, airway and now covered waterway;


Nithya’s 5th Birthday 2016

02 October’16-2 30 AM in the morning: Finally managed to finish decorations

Nithya loves Sofia character so we have designed a theme surrounding Sofia the princess for this birthday.

9 AM: First Surprise to her is this dress which she liked a lot but we pretended not to buy

Prayers and Blessings:

Amma, Ammamma, Nanna’s blessings

My Rukku’s Love


Meanwhile Nithya was at Aunt’s house for Goddess makeover (Balatripura Sundari) -Navrathri special:

2nd Surprise ready by the time she is back


Meanwhile she managed to find another gift (Red box) which was hidden in store room

First unboxing time for the Dressing table

3rd Surprise-She could see through the transparent wrap on the box and understood it is a Fan. She was initially disappointed finding that it was a Fan 😦 😦

Took her time to settle and then said she wants to open it. Lets see what happened next 😉

Nithya has gone completely crazy at the Pie face game which unfortunately couldn’t be captured completely on camera. Those are priceless moments.

Now on to preparations for evening birthday party

4 PM: Princess is ready


Had great time with friends

Pie face game



Sofia cake


Blessings from friend’s parents

Goodie bags to friends

Finally our family snap


And Happy Anniversary to Nithya’s Dairy which we have been maintaining for last 5 years successfully.

Nithya’s Four and Half years Birthday & Arrival of Nithya’s sister “Vedanshya”

Celebrating 2 occasions today:
Nithya’s 4 and half years
Arrival of “Vedanshya”
Camera Uploads from Swetha1

Pic of cute Vedanshya to be revealed sooooooooooon 😉 😉

Congrats to Pedhananna & Pedhammaa on the arrival of Vedanshya!!!

A flashback into 2015-Nursery-Sathya Sai Kindergarten

My School

2015-11-07 12.13.53

My School Annual Photo

Nursery Photo 1

Nursery Photo 2  Nursery Photo 3

Flash Back…………………………………

Day1: 2nd Jan 2015 11:00 AM

02 021

First time on a school bus. Mummy Daddy were worried but Nithya is all excited.

Outing to Punggol Point Park

Sunny Day 🙂

punggol outing1 punggol outing2

Chinese New Year celebration at School: 17 Feb 2015


Outing to Singapore National Library

National Library Outing

Chinese Temple Outing

Chinese Temple Outing

Outing to Gardens by the Bay

gardens by the

Mathru Puja event conducted by School: 6 May 2015


Mother’s Day gift for Mom..


Came to know from Teachers during Parent-Teacher meeting that Nithya is well known as “Chilli Padi” in the school: 18 May 2015


Annual Sports Day event conducted by School: 16 Aug 2015

Camera Uploads from Swetha Camera Uploads1

Teacher’s Day gifts: 2 Sep 2015

2015-09-01 14.19.00

Birthday: 02 Oct 2015


Dressed up for Children’s Day event in School-Party Wear: 8 Oct 2015

2015-10-07 10.58.30
Graduation Day: 1st Nov 2015

2015-11-01 10.45.21 DSC_8645

Diwali Celebration at School


Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C U Next Year!!!!!