Legends of Chima

Legends of Chima


Trip to Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is a long pending trip and we decided to go there this time.
We have opted for the Legoland package from WTS travels. Package includes 2-way bus transfer and the Legoland admission tickets. We stared from Singapore Flyer at 9 am. WTS crew helped us understand the process of immigration in detail. It took 90 minutes to reach our destination.


Although the forecast says storm expected, it was very sunny that day.

Heard that there would be Strollers available for rent. So we did not take our stroller from Singapore. But these are not comfortable for Kids to sleep. 😦
There are quite a lot of Lego structres in park and Nithya enjoyed watching them. 🙂 🙂
DSC_0055  DSC_0166
Nithya’s height is just 85 cms, she is not allowed in most of the rides. So we thought of spending most of the time in Miniland and near Kids play area. First ride we tried is Lego Airport. Nithya enjoyed it a lot.
As it is too hot, we preferred to sit inside the Arena where there were some shows conducted. The staff there gifted Nithya with a Lego pack. 🙂 🙂
Later we moved to Miniland. After taking few snaps, we moved to board the Lego train. Once we are done with Train ride, we moved towards Techno park.

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There is a small fountain there and Nithya spent a lot of time playing there.

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We then moved towards Lego Kingdom section where there was Magic show going on. We relaxed there a bit. Nithya got tired and slept for a while. Once she woke up, we took her for a tram ride in the Lego Adventure section and then to a Lego train ride.

It started drizzling from 6 pm but by that time we have covered everything. Our scheduled departure time is 8 15 PM and by 7 45 it started to rain heavily but we ensured to reach Bus terminal on time. By the time we reached Singapore it was around 9 45pm.


Barring that it was Sunny all day, everything went quite well.


Nithya’s 2nd Birthday-KL trip details

It is celebration time for us. Nithya would be 2 years old!! Since we are away from family this time and had little scope to to travel to India, we wanted to plan something unique. We have been exploring many places to visit and finally singled out on Resorts World Genting, Malaysia. Genting is a family resort nestled on the peak of mountain (sort of hill station). We planned for a 5 day trip (29-Sep to 03-Oct) so that we can cover KL within same trip. We planned to cover KL in first 2days and stay at the Genting for rest of the days.

Our idea was to celebrate Nithya’s birthday among the clouds so we booked a room at the top most floor of the First World resort there. We had option to book Coach from Singapore to Genting which takes aroung 6 hrs but we preferred to stick to Flight as it just takes 1hr and considering we are travelling with infant felt it is safer option. Had to book return tickets separately as Nithya would no more be considered Infant while returning 🙂

29th September

All set for the trip. We boarded the Airasia flight at Changi Airport at 9 AM and landed in KL.DSC_0014

We took a coach at airport till KL Sentral. KL Sentral was quite clumsy that time as some renovation work was going on. We had to walk here and there to find the Taxi stand. While searching for Taxi, we came across KFC. We were quite hungry and decided to have our lunch there. The menu here looks different compared to one in Singapore. Nithya enjoyed the KFC rice and French Fries with chilly sauce, her favorite item. Once we are done, we took Taxi to Corus Hotel which is located in Jalan Ampang (KLCC). Hotel is quite pleasant and check-in was fast and easy. We could see the Petronas towers from the window of our room.35

We took rest for some time. Nithya specifically liked one portion of room where there she can stand with mirrors placed in 5 sides.DSC_0582

Hotel is providing free transportation to few areas at certain times. So we decided to go to China Town in the evening. This is where we bought Roasted Chestnuts for the first time. We are very much addicted to it even till date. Nithya loves it and calls it as “Kapikka”. Roasted chestnuts are Chestnuts roasted in a vessel full of coffee beans and it has medicinal significance also.


We thought of walking till Little India but realized that we lost our way and ended up at some unknown location. We could see many Indian faces so enquired with them and found we came too far. After walking for so long, we decided to go back to hotel. We took a bus there till the Petronas towers. We felt as if we boarded a bus in India considering the look of the bus, style of driving, presence of conductor etc., Finally we landed near Petronas towers. We took some photographs and then walked back to hotel. Although we lost our way again, but ended up finding it sooner this time :).DSC_0081

Activities we planned in KL were: Visit the Petronas towers and Battu caves. Since Petronas towers is closed on Mondays we decided to first visit Battu Caves and then visit Petronas towers Tuesday. So final plan for next day is to Travel to Battu Caves followed by some miscellaneous hopping in KL.

30th September

After enquiring quite a bit on what mode of transport would be best for Battu caves, we decided to go by Local Train. There is a direct train from KL Sentral to Battu caves. So we had our breakfast at the nearby hotel which serves Indian dishes and started off to KL Sentral. We personally liked travelling by train which both secure and cost effective. We reached Battu caves at 11 15 AM. We could see a Rama temple with huge idol of Hanuman (our boss) in front.KL Trip-30sep-03 oct

We spent some time in that temple only then realized that main temple in the caves would be closed at 12 noon and would be reopened only after 4 PM. Soon we rushed to top climbing the 100 odd steps which were quite steep. Nithya was dressed in Traditional attire so the priests were quite impressed seeing her. One of the priest tied a holy thread to her hand and blessed her while another priest offered her the garland that was decorated to the God. We considered ourselves as privileged.KL Trip-30sep-03 oct1

We finished our pooja and sat there for some time.  We then came down to see the Murugan Idol.KL Trip-30sep-03 oct6

We had our lunch at nearby stalls. While coming back, we came across a guy who sells coconut water and cuts the coconut in flower shape. Good tactic to attract people :). There were large flocks of sparrows near the idol and Nithya got very excited seeing them. We let her to walk here and there for some time among the sparrows.kl

Till then the foriegners who were busy in taking photos of Murugan idol suddenly turned and started taking photos and videos of Nithya :). We should have opened a booking counter there 🙂

After spending enough time, we moved back to Hotel by Train and took rest till evening.

In the evening we went to the park near KLCC and spent time watching the fountain show.KL Trip-30sep-03 oct2

I had to sleep early as I need to wake up early next day. We wanted to get the Petronas towers tickets and we came to know that there would be a line starting as early as 6 AM while the tickets are issued at 9 AM.

1st October

Although online ticket booking is available for Petronas Towers but it was not active when I went there. This was the first time in my life, I had to queue for tickets so early in the morning. By the time I reached there were two ladies already in queue. Soon more people started coming in. Although I am 3rd in queue, I was skeptical if I would get tickets or not as the 2 ladies infront of me are agents and they are planning to buy big number of tickets. Luckily my turn has come and I managed to get the tickets.

It is a 25min tour inside the towers and people are taken inside in batches. But once we are inside the towers and in the 86th floor, I felt all those efforts I spent to buy the tickets are worthy enough. It was good to see that Nithya was not at all scared of heights and she was running all over.


Our next destination was much awaited Genting. We checked-out from Corus hotel and went to KL Sentral. This time we were quite used to place so we could confidently travel by LRT till KL Sentral. We booked a coach+cable car ticket to reach till Genting. Nithya was asleep while we boarded the cable car 😦 We thought she would have loved it.KL Trip-30sep-03 oct

Finally we reached the destination! Genting!! And as expected it was very cool out there with clouds everywhere. It was very exciting for us.


We have booked a Club room in the First world hotel well before the journey so there was relatively no waiting time near the check-in.351

The view from our room was breath taking and we are in complete awe finding ourselves among the clouds. Below is one sample.DSC_0741

Meanwhile Nithya got up, looked bit worried initially but looking at the clouds she too started enjoying the view.

While I was looking to buy something to eat, my eyes fell on this restaurant, Marry Brown. They sell fried chicken like KFC but have a caption “Something Different” and yes it is really different. Worth a try!! Being a KFC fan, I would still rate it better than KFC.mb-gent

The place is very lively with some shows/roller coasters/mini trains running continuously.

We then came across Fish Spa! This is something I wanted to try for long time. It was amazing experience:). Nithya was initially scared looking at so many fishes. But enjoyed it later.


Due to height factor, Nithya is not allowed to board most of them but there are certain rides available for her age. We later booked a cake for her and blown balloons and decorated the room ourselves. Nithya likes cakes a lot and even more is her interest to cut it. She was all excited seeing the cake and was willing to cut it as soon as possible. upload120

We spent the time till 2 in the night till Nithya felt of sleeping.

2nd October

Birthday baby didn’t want to get up early neither does his Dad :). Once she is up and ready we celebrated her birthday in traditional style by blessing her and offering Aarthi. We had our breakfast and took her to the indoor games section where she played mini-basket ball/car races etc., We decided not to put any restriction on her on the quantity of junk food for that day :). She usually asks for are Ice cream (Ishooom)/Cake (Ahaa)/French Fries (Fhu Fhu) 🙂 and she is smart enough to make full use of that facility we have provided that day :).352

We had lunch in an Indian food stall available inside the food court within First World premises. Although the guy thinks he served us Biryani, it was no way closer to how a Biryani looks/tastes. We later went to Snow World. Nithya was not comfortable in the clothes that we are supposed to wear inside and we left the place in no time as she was not enjoying the place. We later compensated her by taking her on few rides which she enjoyed. I believe a 5 year old kid can have blast in such place. There is everything he would love.

We bought this as a memorabilia that we visited this place.DSC_0139

This is how she was dressed all the day :).


3rd October

We realized that days passed very fast and we have to return back to Singapore today. Although there are few places like Strawberry farm and Temples etc., around that place, we decided not to strain ourselves walking around too much. So we stuck to First world premises, where we spent the last in shopping activities.

Nithya seems to be quite excited looking the clouds outside :).DSC_0155

Our plan was to go to KL Sentral and then go by Bus to Airport. But luckily we could find a direct coach from Genting to KL airport. We started at 1PM at Genting and reached airport by 4PM. Our flight is scheduled for 6 45pm so we were well on time.

Nithya bid good bye to KL eating one more Ice cream 🙂DSC_0246

We reached home by 9 PM.

Overall, we had a great time at KL and wish to visit Genting again 🙂