Nithya, Rukku

Hello movie fans

Most listened songs since december, Hello songs ; Their common favourite song being, Merise Merise; First movie that Rukku watched all the way till end;

Nithya became fan of Kalyani Priyadarshan 🙂

Rukku started humming Hello title song recently 🙂

Just managed to gather few clips of their involvement; there are lot more not part of the video 🙂


My Annaprasana


Ussually, in south india we go for annapraasana (introduction to solids) during even months for boy babies and odd months for girl babies, (or) in 6th month 6th day. I thought 6th month 6th day is too early for the kid to crawl/think to pick any item.
So we have decided to go by the months logic and chosen 9th month for Nithya.
Jun14th 7:19 is the muhurath and i have chosen SImhachalam temple as the venue.

The ceremony includes placing of a few things infront of the baby to see what she holds first time. This is followed by pooja by Purohith.
The items we have placed are:
1. Book.
2. Pen.
3. food items.
4. Gold.
5. Money.
6. Knife.
7. fruits.
8. Parvannam (Kheer).

Nithya picked items in following order:
1. Gold
2. Money
3. Paravannam (Kheer)
4. Pen
5. Food items.